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Blast management & Consulting

Blast Management and Consulting, Owners and Employees are committed to deliver an independent Quality Service on Time to every customer.  We are a consulting company to the Blasting (Mining, Civil and Construction) industry regarding all aspects concerning the safe, proper and effective performance of blasting activities.

We believe that To Manage is to Know, To Know is to Measure and Measurement Guarantees Quality.


  • Ground Vibration and Air Blast
  • Blast Proposal / Timing
  • Blast Impact Analysis
  • Blast Preparation Audits
  • Velocity of Detonation
  • Blast Free Face Profiling
  • Blasthole Deviation Measurement
  • Bore Hole Inspection Camera
  • Fragmentation Analysis
  • High Speed Video Work
  • Iso-Seismic Surveys
  • Supply of Equipment
  • Pre-Blast Structure Survey


  • High Speed Video
  • JK SimBlast (2DBench) - Open Cut Blast Design and Analysis
  • Seismograph use for Ground Vibration and Air Blast Measurement
  • VOD Measurement


  • MREL
  • JK SimBlast