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About Us

Blast Management and Consulting is a blasting consulting company to the mining, civil and construction industry providing services regarding all aspects concerning the safe, proper and effect performance of blasting activities. Various services are delivered to clients in respect of this consulting service.

Main areas of consultation are:

  • Pre blast monitoring     
  • Insitu monitoring
  • Post blast monitoring

After years of hard work, training at Instantel and MREL in Canada, determination, BM and C has a calibration facility of World Class proportions to calibrate Instantel Inc. and MREL range of equipment.  

However where the need exist for additional unskilled personnel (temporary) on specific projects are people from the community where project is conducted utilized.  Work normally conducted for normal run of business is single person operations.  Certain projects may require more than one person but is normally covered by Blast Management and Consulting personnel.

The owners and the employees share in excess of 50 years’ experience in the explosives and blasting industry.  Continuous research and training is done in order to stay up dated with technology and systems.